Coronavirus and the changing face of retail

It has to be said, we are living in a time where a week feels like a year. No day is like the one before and pretty much every industry is affected in some way by coronavirus. One which we are seeing perhaps some of the most massive changes in, one where no every day is the same, is the fashion industry. 

A week ago the high street was reduced to Sunday hours, after warnings from the Prime Minister came to reduce social outings. As the speeches got more serious, and the threat of lockdown became more imminent, the high street (with some pressure from consumers) slowly but surely closed their doors to the world, until Boris Johnson official ordered them to do so.

With pressure now mounting on eCommerce, how are things looking? Well, sadly for those looking for entry level fashion jobs the outlook is pretty bleak at this moment in time – so it’s probably better to use this opportunity to build your skills. Brands are struggling, and with the whole of the high street in some sort of promotion, while sales may not be taking a huge hit at this moment in time, the amount of profit is decreasing rapidly.

In the past couple of days, brands such as River Island, Schuh and Next have closed their warehouses for the safety of their employees and I’m sure, following this news, many more will be following suit – meaning consumers won’t even be able to shop online. Lines are being cancelled, and stock is unable to arrive at warehouses, halting the whole process completely. It’s a worrying time for retailers who may not be able to weather this storm, and even larger sole eCommerce platforms will struggle through this.

But what of the job market? As I previously touched on, there isn’t much of one, as fashion jobs in Manchester and beyond are facing hiring freezes in order to keep things as secure as possible in an already tough industry. While this isn’t great news right now, it doesn’t mean things will always be like this, and fashion recruitment in Manchester will claw its way back. That’s why I’m here to talk you through this process, give you a realistic outlook on the situation, and be the helping hand you need – so don’t hesitate to get in touch if you need advice.

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