From the Insiders

The local job market can often feel like a minefield, especially for fashion graduates in Manchester, unknown of where they can search for opportunities; which is why I’ve decided to introduce a new series ‘From the Insiders’. 

The beauty of coming from a fashion background is the quality, and quantity of transferable skills that you will develop, and often in a market which is getting smaller and smaller knowing where exactly to use these is more important than ever.

Whether searching for your first entry level fashion job, be it a fashion graduate job in London or closer to home in Manchester, or if you’re just keen for a change and are in search for a new challenge, this series will introduce you to industry insiders through interviews. I’ll speak to friends and contacts of mine in the field who are able to provide their insight and advice to help you seek that next challenge.

I’ll speak to a fashion designer from Manchester, a garment technologist, merchandiser, buyer, and marketer, in order to cover the field as widely as possible. I’ll open up a conversation to help you decide what is the next best career move for you. Where design is slightly more specific, merchandising and marketing roles can be more broad and flexible. Sometimes when you’ve been so fixed on one role it can be hard to think where else you can take your range and skill, and open a discussion, e.g. is it worth joining temp agencies in Manchester when in between roles?’ – and I’m here to do that in order to help you get the best role you can dream of, especially when there are so many opportunities for fashion recruitment in the North West.