How can jobseekers navigate the retail job market after Covid-19?

There’s been a new kind of post taking over LinkedIn over the past couple of months. Every other one, sadly, seems centred around job redundancies due to Covid-19. Unfortunately, one of the most highly affected industries from the pandemic is retail. With the loss of some our favourite brands from the High Street, such as Cath Kidston, Warehouse and Oasis, this has cost hundreds of jobs, let alone surviving brands needing to streamline their own businesses and reduce headcount. Whilst job loss can ultimately never come at a good time, as many graduates hope to get their hands on an entry level fashion job, the pool is more limited than ever in a field that was already highly competitive.

Approximately 600,000 jobs have been lost due to the Covid-19 crisis, and young people have been some of the most highly affected by this. In areas like London, Leeds and Manchester, fashion jobs are currently few and far between – but what is the best way to navigate this to ensure your application stands out in a rather highly stacked pile?

Tailor your CV: Let’s be honest, we all have a lot more time on our hands right now. Whilst endless job applications can feel tenuous to complete, this is the first opportunity to sell yourself to a prospective employer, so make sure each and every application is personal.

Think outside the box: The job you may have thought you wanted just may not exist right now. As the common saying says, ‘we are living in unprecedented times’, so the path to career success may be a little twisted right now. If you’re keen to pursue one particular brand, look at other roles in which you could apply your skills to. It could be the ‘in’ to that dream job you had always dreamt of!

Don’t be afraid to reach out: If you’re really feeling like the market is looking bare, get in touch with us. Even if I can’t help you with the perfect role right now, I can help guide your job search, or even point you in the direction to something you may have never imagined doing.

Be video interview savvy: So you’ve successfully got yourself that interview, but it’s most likely not the experience you’re used to, as most video interviews are now taking place remotely. Make sure you practice practice practice… our next blog will be all about how to nail that video interview and make the perfect impression.

One thing I can say, is that ever so slightly, the market is beginning to pick up. As businesses begin to pick up the pieces and assess their situation, they may realise that there are new roles which need filling, ones that weren’t part of the business before. It’s been a tough time for many, but keep persevering in your job search – the right thing will come along!