How to nail that all important video interview

When was the last time you went to an office? It’s probably been a few months now, as we’ve all adapted to the home office environment, and working from our pyjamas. From Zoom quizzes to faulty internet connection, we’ve managed to navigate the ‘new normal’ in our own way, accompanied by many cups of coffee and days spent in our pyjamas. 

After a period where the job market has been pretty bleak, slowly things are beginning to pick up again, and whether you’re a grad searching for that first entry level fashion job, or you’re aspiring to climb up the job ladder, it’s likely you’ll be completing your next interview over video. It’s a new experience for an already nerve-wracking situation – but don’t let that put you off… Here are my top tips for nailing your next video interview and getting yourself that one step closer to the perfect role. 

Test your computer is working. Simple, but an essential. You may have been on many video calls before, but as there are so many types of software out there, they may not always automatically work. Before the interview, set up your webcam and video so you’re ready for the call and avoid an awkward start.

Find the perfect background. Not all of us are lucky enough to have a full-blown home office, but it’s important to make sure your background is interview appropriate. Try sitting at your dining table with a blank wall in the background. However, don’t worry if you’re struggling with space, interviewers understand every home is different, just try to keep anything which may be distracting out of view.

Dress the part. We’ve all been guilty of days spent in our dressing gowns, but a job interview is not the same. To keep things simple, dress exactly as you would for a face to face chat, avoid colours which are too bright (they don’t show up well on camera), but still feel comfortable, you are at home after all!

Avoid distractions. Whether its kids, the home phone, or an episode of Come Dine with Me you just had on, make sure you keep the home distractions at bay. Shut the door of whichever room you’re in, you could even add a sign on it if there are others in the home, and switch off all notifications which could come from any of your devices.

Look at the camera. We’re all guilty of being distracted by our own faces when on video calls, but, as we’re emulating a real-life situation in a job interview, try not to do that. Look at the camera itself as much as you can, make sure you’re nodding in response to what the interviewer is saying, and most importantly – smile! 

So, whether you’re looking for an eCommerce job in Manchester or searching for your next fashion marketing job, take these tips for your next virtual interview. I am available for confidential career chats and can help you with your search for a new role.