Meet the Insiders – Fashion Copywriter & Content Executive

The best way to learn some hands on information about the fashion industry? By speaking to those working in it. Throughout our series of ‘Meet the Insiders’ we’ll be speaking to fashion buyers, designers, marketers and more to learn more about their career history, and the top tips for you to achieve your career goals, too.

‘Firstly, we speak to Maria who works as a Copywriter and Content Executive for a popular etailer.  

Firstly, please can you talk to me about work history and past experience?

I studied English and French at university, then did a Masters Degree in Magazine Journalism. I catered my coursework heavily towards fashion editorial content, as I knew I was much more interested in the creative side, plus I’ve always had an adoration of fashion in particular. 

When I graduated I moved straight to London, where I sought out editorial internships and worked with some of the UK’s biggest magazines. However, after a period of internships and freelancing full time I craved the security and learning experience of a full time role, and was intrigued in the opportunities that lay with working for brands. I took on a position at a big British brand as a copywriter, and then six months ago moved to an e-tailer, managing copy and content in a fast-paced purely digital role. 

What’s your favourite thing about being in copy and content?

If I’m being honest, sometimes I have to pinch myself that I’m being paid to write about clothes and shopping all day! I’ve been so fortunate to work for brands that I truly am passionate about, and I think the excitement for what I do is what translates through my copy, and encourages the customer to make purchases based on that.

And what other roles do you think you could use your skills for?

In my current role I sit under the Marketing umbrella, so could definitely move over to the Marketing strategy side as well as the implementation. I could also venture back into the journalistic world, or pick up some additional skills and try my hand at Social Media management. Anything that keeps the creative juices flowing for me sounds good!

How has the Covid-19 pandemic changed work for you?

Obviously, like many, I’ve had to adapt to working from home full time. Aside from that, creating content has been a more reactive process than normal, constantly adapting our content to the changing world around us. It’s been a time where eCommerce has thrived, so it’s been super important to constantly keep challenging ourselves, and remain relevant to the industry.

What’s been a real career high for you?

I’m no stranger to imposter syndrome, so every day feels like a career high for me. Occasionally as part of my role we do print advertisements, so seeing my words in print in a national newspaper is also a pretty surreal experience. Also having some of the UK’s biggest magazines on my CV will never not be incredible to me, especially so early on in my career.

And what’s something you would have done differently?

Sometimes I wish I had realised exactly what I wanted to do in my career a little earlier, but I also don’t regret the experiences I have. I’m a true believer in fate and grabbing every opportunity that you have – in a competitive industry like fashion everything you can do to stand out from the crowd matters.

How do you think the industry has evolved over the past year in particular?

It’s been really sad to see the high street lose some of its biggest names like Topshop and Debenhams, and it’s a real shame that we’re now without them. However, it’s also been interesting to see how innovative brands have been to retain customer attention, and by garnering a full 360 approach by utilising social media to communicate directly. Now shops have reopened, it’ll be great to see how our favourite brands continue to grow their authenticity and values.

And finally, what are your top tips for how to act in a job interview?

I hate to be that person, but you always have to be yourself. Remember, to even be at the job interview the hiring managers believe you have what it takes to earn that role, so keep that in mind. Whilst securing a job is about experience, team fit and persona is also key, so be sure to showcase who you are, that way the team will understand who you are, and you’ll be able to see if the position is one that would suit you well, too.