Who are we? What you need to know about Angela Harper Resourcing

There’s nothing I love more than placing a candidate at a role they’re truly excited about, with a client who’s equally as thrilled to have them come on board. With over twenty-six years in fashion recruitment and seventeen years of Angela Harper Resourcing, I’ve placed hundreds of candidates in positions of all levels, from new graduates in entry level fashion jobs to more experienced senior roles, as well as people looking for a new opportunity in an unknown area they’ve always wanted to try.

What is it that makes us so special? Here’s a few reasons…

  • We have practised experience in the fashion industry. Angela studied Clothing Management at Manchester Metropolitan University, breaking down boundaries to do this (it wasn’t common for Indian women to go to university in 1991!) her first job was in Buying, before realising fashion recruitment was where her passions of helping people and love of the industry best was placed.
  • Our contact book is exclusive and extensive, meaning our opportunities can’t be found elsewhere. Over the past twenty-six years (and particularly the last seventeen years), I’ve cultivated relationships with national and international companies, putting value time into the company in order to ensure I fully understand their needs, company culture, and that we have a one-to-one relationship built on mutual trust and respect.
  • We’re a small business by choice – Whilst we’ve been able to take the North West job market by storm, we never set out to be the biggest fashion recruitment business in Manchester, instead focusing on our quality of service, handpicking roles, companies and clients. We’re always excited to take on new clients and open up conversations, ensuring it’s a strong fit at both sides – we don’t make empty promises about filling roles we don’t think are achievable.
  • Candidates are of the highest calibre – As I’ve said, there’s nothing quite like the joy of placing a candidate in a role they’re excited about. They may have taken time off work, been ready to take the next step of their career, or I could have an opportunity that is just too hard to resist…
  • We aren’t hierarchal – Working across a breadth of roles in Social Media, Buying Jobs, Garment Technology Roles, Merchandising and other focuses in the industry, a different position that needs filling could come across my desk every day. Regardless of whether this role is an assistant position or senior management job, it’s important that we understand every element of the vacancy to ensure that it is best filled.
  • We prioritise verbal communication over digital – In a world dominated by email, texts and social media (we are on Instagram @ahresourcing), there’s nothing quite like the art of conversation. Covid allowing I’m keen to meet up with new and old clients where I can to establish and grow our interpersonal relationships, and will always choose to pick up the phone over sending an email – of course if schedules allow.
  • We stay in touch past placement – Success! We’ve filled a role and you’re ready to onboard your new employee. Just because the job may be done, it doesn’t mean that our relationship ends there. Our team checks in with both client and candidate after the recruitment process to ensure that everyone’s needs are best being fulfilled.