Why December is the best time to start looking for that new dream role

As the festive season is in full throttle, are you starting to wind down your job search; thinking things are starting to slow down professionally? One of the most common misconceptions in the industry is that this is commonly the protocol, when in fact – I’m here to tell you it’s actually the complete opposite.

One of the busiest times for my business as a fashion recruitment agency is the approach to and the month of December. You may not believe it, but this is the time when I am inundated with requests for fashion jobs in Manchester from fashion companies. As the year starts to close, this is their chance to spend that last bit of budget before they lose it – and this could end up being a dream opportunity, one you may have given up on finding until next year.

But how can you be prepared? Whilst Christmas is an important time for some R&R, it’s also a great opportunity for you to get organised. If you’re looking for an entry level fashion job, or even considering a career change, tailor your CV to that specific role, or create multiple CV’s for each genre. This will ensure you stand out from the crowd in a competitive industry. If you’re looking for a more creative position, it’s so important to get your portfolio together, hiring managers are often extremely busy so it’s extremely important you’re as organised as possible. As well as this, network network network! If you’ve been fortunate enough to make some contacts in fashion agencies, get in contact and see what they have available. Also speak to me! While I list all my roles online, I can talk you through key opportunities, it may help you to consider something a little different than if you search yourself.

Another thing to think about over this busy period is contracting. There are many temp agencies in Manchester which can help you get Christmas cover, and this may well be the first foot in the door to a potential longer term role. 

Finally, if you really want the Christmas break to be just that – a break, worry not. Whilst January is often a quiet time, things will start to pick up over February, so use the new year as a time to prepare yourself for a focused job search in 2020.

If I don’t speak to you before, have a fantastic Christmas and I look forward to continuing the job search with you!

Angela x