With Christmas parties cancelled this year – is glitzy clothing too?

With a month-long lockdown announced until 2nd December the earliest, it’s safe to say our Christmas parties this year will have to be cancelled. From work festivities (which, let’s admit it – we all enjoy more than we say) to dinners with extended family, things are set to look a little different this year. 

Whilst less of us will be considering purchasing glitzy human-glitter-ball occasionwear this year, it doesn’t mean it has disappeared from the high street. High street favourites such as Topshop, Zara, M&S and more have all presented their own set of glittery, glamorous offerings that are worth consideration – even if it’s for next year.

Brands have also been thinking on their feet, with new loungewear collections launched – but with a difference. Kitri have created a tie dye, knitwear and now a winter collection which combines comfort and glamour as one. This fits in with the fashion-conscious diva’s life, she’s able to dress comfortable in her own home, whilst still looking good, great for getting Insta content or looking fabulous on a Zoom call. 

Other collections are offering separates, rather than one pieces, so you can mix and match looks in a way that suits you. A sequin skirt with a hoodie? Casual and cool. A fancy jumper with sweatpants? Zoom perfect. As we adapt our lives to the ‘new normal’, unsurprisingly, our wardrobes have changed too. 

With stores now set to close, how the brands market their festive offerings is more important than ever. What we do know is that we’re all desperate for some positivity and joy, so brands need to channel that, in a way which isn’t too pushy. This year has been one where trust is more important than ever when it comes to brand relationships, with more time on their hands consumers are able to see through cheap ploys. We now see our favourite brand as friends, commenting on their social media posts, watching Instagram lives, we want to support them because we believe in them, as well as their clothes. 

There are more brands out there than ever fighting for our attention and custom, and this Christmas, the greatest gift of all will be how they keep us engaged, excited, and most of all – supported in these tough times.